Quote1 Er--Ah--Hi, Hulk--Ol' buddy--Ol' Pal. Thanks for the catch. N-Nice weather we're having, isn't it? It isn't? Quote2
-- The Human Torch

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After saving some truckers from an exploding truck, the Human Torch and Wyatt Wingfoot begin a camping trip, unaware that in the laboratories of Paxton Pentecost is working diligently on an experiment which revives Blastarr with Gamma Radiation following his last defeat at the hands of the X-Men. Blastarr agrees to help Pentecost destroy his invention called FAUST, a request Blastarr agrees to comply.

As Blastarr rampages through the factory, his bursts of Gamma rays bring the attention of the Hulk, who bounds in to see what's causing a strange buzzing in his head. Things are complicated further when the Torch and Wyatt arrive as well, leading to a three to one battle against Blastarr. As the battle rages on, Pentecost tries to assassinate Ferguson Blaine, but realizes the errors of his ways.

Realizing that Blastarr is a menace, Pentecost instructs the Hulk to wrap up Blastarr in Adamantium, rending him defeated. When Ferguson thanks the Torch for his assistance, he tells him to thank Pentecost, who is now going to jail due to Blaine's greed driving him to the point to commit crime.

  • This is the first issue of Marvel Team-Up to have the Human Torch as its star. He will have recurring roles in upcoming issues: #23, #26, #29, #32, and ending with Marvel Team-Up #35. This title normally stars Spider-Man.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published from R. Van Santen, Ken Myer, Jr., Bill Betolino and Gregg Burriss.

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