Quote1 ... Why have you intruded on the Mole Man's domain? Quote2
-- Mole Man

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Continued from last issue... With Captain Marvel having disappeared after being absorbed into the Omega Stone, Spider-Man seeks out the help of Reed Richards to figure out what happened to Mar-Vell. Reed deduces that Captain Marvel was possibly transported below the surface of the Earth. So the two travel to through the tunnel into the Mole Man's realm in the Fantasticar, unaware that Basilisk has followed Spider-Man the whole way.

In the caverns of the Mole Man, after battling armies of Moloids, Mr. Fantastic and Spider-Man find themselves before the Mole Man. The Mole man has constructed a giant weapon that will terrorize the surface work, and uses the Omega Stone as a power source.

As Reed and Spider-Man fight to free Mar-Vell from Mole Man and the Moloids, Basilisk makes his appearance and makes a bid for the Omega Stone himself. With Basilisk moments away, Marvel clashes his two arm bands together switching places with Rick Jones, freeing them from the Omega Stone -- which returns to it's original size. The three heroes flee, leaving the Mole Man and Basilisk to seemingly be consumed in a flow of lava.

Afterwords, Rick Jones thanks Spider-Man and Mr. Fantastic before switching with Mar-Vell once more to make a trip to San Francisco.

  • The often seen cover image logo is recycled art from the cover of Fantastic Four #59. This art is also used for other merchandising such as Slurpee cups, Value Stamps, Topps Stickers, etc.
  • Page one credits the inkers as "Everybody!"
  • This issue contains a letters page Mail It to Team-Up. Letters are published Jim Shutterly, Alan Markowitz and Peggy Meis.
  • Reed Richards mentions that the Fantastic Four disbanded, which happened in Fantastic Four #142

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