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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 16


Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 16

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Appearing in "Beware the Basilisk My Son!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Kree Ship (Only in flashback)

Synopsis for "Beware the Basilisk My Son!"Edit

Captain Marvel has Rick Jones rush to a local museum where the long lost Kree Alpha Stone is on display. As Rick rushes to retrieve the item, jewel thief Basil Elks tries to steal the stone. However, a chance encounter with security ends with the guard shooting the Alpha Stone. The resulting explosion mutates Basil into a super-human form and dubs himself Basilisk.

Fleeing the museum, Basilisk catches the attention of both Spider-Man, and Rick Jones -- who switches place with Captain Marvel. After Mar-Vel's first attempt to try and stop Basilisk ends in failure, he tells Spider-Man that Basilisk is possibly seeking out the Omega Stone to boost his power.

Tracking after Basilisk, they come to a battle at the location of the Omega Stone: A construction site. During the battle, Mar-Vell grabs the Omega Stone. The stone reacts with his Kree physiology and grows in size trapping Mar-Vell in it. Mar-Vell then suddenly vanishes in a blast of light, and Basilisk flees the scene, leaving Spider-Man to ponder what happened to Captain Marvel. This story is continued next issue....

  • The iconic cover image logo of Captain Marvel is recycled art from the cover of Captain Marvel #29. This image was also used in multiple marketing items, (Slurpee cups, Topps Stickers, and other merchandise in the 1970's).
  • Inks by Mooney and Hunt (uncredited).

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