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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 142 001
Spider-Man is in Nassau County Science Exposition watching the premises because a recent series of robberies of technical materials made him suspect the next robbery might be there. And certainly it does happen, but Spider-man can't defeat the bad people because they all disappear in the air thanks to some technology he does not know, with a technofoil, a new material, with them.

Soon another robbery happens in the NY Maritime Museum: the same people came to steal a jewel, the Windstone, while Captain Marvel was there in a private visit. Trouble is that the stealers have a device capable to numb Captain powers, although she succeeds in keeping the jewel in the museum.

In the north, at the Paulson Foundation, Dr. Paulson assists to the return of the men they sent to steal the jewel and the technofoil. They need these materials to set up a device that will reduce the world population by sending millions of individuals to another, habitable dimensions.

Peter Parker arrives at the Daily Bugle to try to find out who the stealers might be and so is told about the robbery in the Maritime museum. Meanwhile the stealers assault the Avenger's mansion seeking the jewel and Captain Marvel fights them with the help of Spider-man, who was near the mansion, and Jarvis. But the jewel is eventually taken and the Paulson's device, the P.R.I.D.E. Generator gets on.

Spider-man and Captain Marvel arrive at the Paulson Foundation thanks to a Spider-tracer Spidey sent to one of the stealers. Paulson operates the device but Spider-man takes the jewel out of the device and stops its operation, but with one unexpected cost: Captain Marvel is not able to change back to her human form.

This plot continues in the next issue.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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Weird things are happening! The world's leaders are being abducted to an unknown dimension — and only Spider-Man and the sensational new Captain Marvel are around to find out why — and how to stop it!

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