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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 140 001
New York city lights are gone out in a blackout and gangs attack local shops to steal as many things as possible. Spider-man fights one of this gangs and stops them but the shop owner comes back with a rifle and one in the gang shoots him to death while Spider-man is not able to see who did.

Next day Peter Parker and Ben Urich are at the City's Courthouse and see how a young man called Juan is accused by witnesses to be the man who shot the shop owner. But his attorney, Matt Murdock knows (thanks to his special senses) that Juan is innocent and asks Natasha Romanova (the Black Widow) and Spider-man for finding evidence.

Both Spider-man and the Black Widow go to the gang's base house and fight them until find out who the gang shooter is, but he escapes until gets to Central Park lake and drowns the car.

Police comes and the man is arrested but his gun was not the used in the murder they are investigating, so Juan keeps in jail. And Daredevil decides to keep with the investigation, while Spider-man goes to the Secret Wars.

  • In this issue, Spider-Man discovers the construct in Central Park that will lead him into the Secret Wars.

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To save a boy wrongly accused of murder, Spider-Man and the Black Widow sacrifice all! But it may not work — for there's someone against them — someone evil — someone deadly.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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