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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 138


Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 138

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Appearing in "Starting Over!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Starting Over!"Edit

The Sandman is no longer a villain and finds a new job in Brooklyn as a warehouse worker. He also rents a room in the house of the Cassadas, a family that just opened a candy shop. Meanwhile the Arrenger has united a new Enforces team including the three old ones plus Hammer Harrison and Snake Marston. They start a felpny campaign in Brooklyn which soon makes Joe Robertson of the Bugle to send there Ned Leeds and Peter Parker to investigate. But Spider-man lost his Spider-sense in a recent battle with the Hobgoblin and so Montana and the rest of the Enforcers are able to capture him. While they and the Arrenger are talking about what they will do with Spider-man, the Sandman interferes and Spidey can break free. Spidey defeats the Enforcers and tells Sandman that he is too perilous to let him go free but the Arrenger throws a bomb that the Sandman covers with his sand body, saving Spider-man's life. Spider-man leaves the scene without knowing for sure weather the Sandman is dead or alive, but soon the Sandman reunites his body again and keeps on with his life.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Sandman is no longer a villain... but he's got no use for Spidey either! What'll happen when they meet? The Enforcers and the Satan Squad also complicate matters.

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