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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 135


Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 135

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Appearing in "Down Deep in Darkness!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Down Deep in Darkness!"Edit

The story begins with Spider-man fighting a street gang inside a NYC subway train near Times Square station. During the battle Spidey is caught in the middle of an impact between two trains and falls unconscious so that he is captured by a group of Morlocks.

Meanwhile Kitty Pryde is working as babysitter of two twin boys who escape their house and fall down into a Morlock's tunnel in Westchester county. Kitty goes down too in a rescue operation and finds out how the Morlocks travel their tunnels: a magne-car railways.

She takes one magne-car and goes to the under surface place where the boys where taken by the Morlocks. There she finds Stigor, the human leader of a group of renegade Morlocks that do not follow Storm's orders. And she finds Spider-man as well, who was about to break free. Together Spider-man, Kitty Pryde, Jeff and Edward fight and escape the Morlocks up to the surface.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Spidey and the X-Men's youngest heroine, Kitty Pride, try to stop a group of renegade Morlocks from running amok!

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