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Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 131


Marvel Team-Up Vol 1 131

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Eugene Patilio (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Vol 1 4 0001
Uh...thanks, Spider-Man, but--
Conversation Tail
Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 1.6 Textless
I know! I know! You could've handled it! For crying' out loud, kid--when're you going to learn you're just not cut out for this line of work!
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "The Best Things In Life Are Free...But Everything Else Costs Money!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Best Things In Life Are Free...But Everything Else Costs Money!"Edit

The White Rabbit is a millionaire widow which only finds fun in robbery. She leads a gang which perpetrate shop robberies. In one of these robberies, White Rabbit's gang attacks a Kwekkiee Burger restaurant where Eugene Patilio was taking a burger with a friend. So Frog man enters into action and the White Rabbit escapes.

In other place Peter Parker meets his friend Roger Hochberg in his apartment. Roger tells him that Roger's mother is in the list for surgery and that they do not have enough money to pay for the operation. Peter calms him and decides to catch the White Rabbit to collect the reward and share it with Roger.

Later on Eugene's father argues with his son because he does not want him to act as Frogman. But they do not have enough money and Eugene decides to catch White Rabbit to collect the reward. Meanwhile Eugene's father becomes part of the White Rabbit gang although he is secretly working with the police.

When Eugene is in his way to find the White Rabbit he meets Spider-man and both together fight and defeat the White Rabbit in the hospital where Roger's mother stays. In fact Roger is the one who throws the coup-the grace over the White Rabbit. It is then that Eugene's find out his father was working with the police and so they share the reward with Roger.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • At last— the long awaited, much requested return of the Leap Frog!

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