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Wolverine is training in the woods of Putnam County and is observed by Professor Power in the distance. Suddenly an army of more than one hundred Roman soldiers attack Wolverine and capture him with sleeping gas.

In the meantime, Spider-man is in Manhattan and is attacked by another team of Roman soldiers in flying ships. He achieves escape and follows his spider-sense to Professor Power's castle in the woods. There he meets Wolverine, who just destroyed some robots that Power had sent against him.

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Soon another giant robot of Power comes and gives Spider-man and Wolverine a task: they must choose to save a town called Ivy from being razed by an army, save a most perilous prisoners jail, or catch Professor Power. Wolverine decides to save the town and catch Power, while Spider-man leaves to save the prison.

Both menaces prove fake, and Power's castle vanishes, but Wolverine sniffs something familiar. He digs the ground, uncovering a tunnel presumed to lead to Power's base. Meanwhile, Professor Power is in a classroom teaching a group of Roman soldiers about his plans of domination.

This story continues in Marvel Team-up Vol 1 # 118.

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