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As Spider-man goes to a class in the Empire Estate University, he meets Quasar in a secured ambulance transporting Nitro to the Project Pegasus premises. They talk and the ambulance continues its journey. Soon, Quasar detects an energy source and follows it up to the Empire Estate University campus. Under the campus floor, he finds a lab. The lab is operated by Lightmaster, who takes control of the Quantum bands of Quasar. This calls out the spider-sense and Spidey quits the classroom to follows it to the lab. He fights the Lightmaster there but he is defeated and the villain escapes. During his escape Quasar tries to break free and take control back of his Quantum Bands unsuccessfully. In the meantime, the Lightmaster steals machinery from a hardware store in order to build a new lab to try to have a human body again. Spider-man gets to this lab and fights the Lightmaster again. During the battle Quasar gets free and the Lightmaster is defeated. But Quasar and Spider-man make the lab work and recover the human body of the Lightmaster: Edward Lansky. Then Spider-man thinks that Lansky is going to attack Quasar and knocks him out. Quasar disagrees with Spidey's attitude and both part on unfriendly terms.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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