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-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

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  • Zarrko's Flying Ship

Synopsis for "The Doomsday Gambit!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Having traveled to the Hidden Land of the Inhumans, Spider-Man allows himself to be captured and brought before Black Bolt and the Inhuman royal family. There he explains of the Avengers being the prisoner of Kang and Zarrko, and his attempt to rescue them. He also tells them how he and the Human Torch stopped a number of Time Bombs from devolving the human race. Presenting one of these devices to them and explaining that it uses a similar radiation as the Negative Zone which once surrounded the Hidden Land, Spider-Man asks for the Inhuman's help in using the device to bring them to the future to save the Avengers.

The Inhuman's agree to help, and with some help from the insane Maximus, they get the device to transport Spider-Man and the Inhuman royal family to the 23rd Century. There they fight through Kang's and Zarrko's forces. However, they prove to be no match and all are defeated and the Avengers are freed. Although Zarrko is captured, they soon find that Kang has escaped, vowing revenge some other time.

With the Avengers saved, Spider-Man, the Inhumans, and the Avengers all return to their own time, where Spider-Man bid's farewell to the Avengers.

  • Plot by Conway, script by Wein.
  • This issue contains a letters page, Mail It To Team-Up. Letters are published from Allen Varney, J. Breen Allen, and Nick Cromer.

  • Iron Man was shown last issue lying de-powered on the floor with a hole in his armor. This issue, at a simultaneous time, he is enclosed in a stasis cube with his armor intact. Obviously an artist's error. Captain America and the Black Panther were also part of the Avengers team that was captured by Kang, but are not shown this issue.

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