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Marvel Tarot Vol 1 1


Marvel Tarot Vol 1 1

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Quote1 Is the universe so screwed up that it can't even ask the right wizard for help? Quote2
-- Ian McNee

Appearing in "The Marvel Tarot"Edit

Featured Characters:

Tarot Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "The Marvel Tarot"Edit

Ian McNee looks through the First Tarot Deck, divining who appears on each card, and looking into their origins to see why. He discovered several cards are displaying more than one individual at different times, a sign he feels verifies that the world's magic is broken. In his research, he also traces back the Sorcerer Supreme title to its first earthly bearer, Agamotto.

  • The above characters are listed next to the Tarot card they appear on. The Fool is the only card in the First Tarot Deck that doesn't receive a representative, something that McNee find extremely odd.
  • This serves as a sort of handbook, seen from the eyes of Ian McNee, profiling select parts of select characters' lives.
  • Rintrah is said to be a "cow-terpillar in a cow-coon" and that "he will come back soon."
  • The First Tarot Deck was used by Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) in the Secret Defenders series as a way of figuring out what heroes were right for each mission.
  • The appearance of Naga on the Emperor card is seen as a possible reference to Nagala or a possible child of Nagala's, who would be seen as the seventh son of Set, the seven-headed demon, a child who would be known as the Dark Prince and usher in a time of immense power for the dark forces.

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