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Amazing Spider-Man #117.

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Peter Parker manages to stop the roof collapsing at a charity fundraiser for Richard Raleigh, and manages to slip away before anyone can learn Spider-Man's true identity. Following the event, Raleigh plays up his tough on crime stance and vows to catch whoever was responsible. The responsible party appears to be a costumed criminal called the Disruptor who has hired a scientist named Dr. Thraxton to create the Smasher to do his bidding, he orders to make the Smasher more powerful.

As Joe Robertson continues to have his doubts about Raleigh, he tells J. Jonah Jameson that he intends to do a more intesive background search on the man (Jameson finds this a needless concern.) While elsewhere in the city, crooks try to rob a fundraiser for Raleigh, Peter arrives as Spider-Man and prevents the crooks from stealing the money. He then returns home and checks in on his Aunt May, before meeting up with Gwen and Mary Jane at a youth rally for Raleigh.

There the Disruptor and his men attack directly, prompting Peter to duck out and change into Spider-Man and battle the Disruptor and send him packing. Later J. Jonah Jameson visits with Raleigh, and tells him that Joe Robertson is looking into his background. Word gets back to the Disruptor, who has the newly enhanced Smasher revived and orders the creature to destroy Joe Robertson.

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