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Appearing in "Book VII: The Ties That Bind!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Book VII: The Ties That Bind!"Edit

Continuing the (near) chronological retelling of the history of the Marvel Universe, in this issue the following events are recounted:

  • The origin of Iron Man, leading to the deaths of Wong-Chu and Professor Yinsen, and how Tony Stark escaped Viet Nam with the help of soldier James Rhodes, and how the experience forged a long friendship with the two.
  • The Human Torch's solo adventure into the 5th Dimension where he battled the tyrant Zemu, and freed the people who lived there.
  • Ant Man's first encounter with his long time foe Egghead.
  • Thor's adventure into the Soviet Union to save captured scientists, an episode that was complicated due to the interference of Loki.
  • Rick Jones using a Gamma device to change Bruce Banner's mutation into the Hulk, for the first time Banner is able to utilize his Hulk body with the intelligence of Bruce Banner.
  • The first time the Fantastic Four experience financial problems.
  • And ending on a similar note, Spider-Man's first adventure in which he tries to rescue John Jameson's space capsule from destruction, despite the bad press from Jameson's father, editor of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson.

  • Wraparound cover.

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