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Appearing in "Book VI: Love, Hate... and Sacrifice!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Synopsis for "Book VI: Love, Hate... and Sacrifice!"Edit

Book six in a series telling the (near) chronological history of the Marvel Universe. In this issue the following events are recounted:

  • Bobby Drake almost being killed by a lynch mob before being rescued by Professor X and Cyclops and inducted into the X-Men.
  • The Fantastic Four's first battle against the Puppet Master, and their first meeting with long time associate Alicia Masters (Also delving into their origins.)
  • Thor's battle against Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man.
  • The origins of Asgard and Odin.
  • Ant Man's battle against the Protector.
  • The early life and career of Tony Stark, and the events that would lead to his capture by Wong-Chu in Viet Nam, and how he and Professor Ho Yinsen would create the first Iron Man armor at the expense of Yinsen's life.

  • Wraparound cover.

Material Excerpted From:

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