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Marvel Premiere Vol 1 14


Marvel Premiere Vol 1 14

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Quote1 As I said, you two do not matter. I-- am all that matters! Quote2
-- Sise-Neg

Appearing in "Sise-Neg Genesis"Edit

Featured Characters:

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Synopsis for "Sise-Neg Genesis"Edit

Baron Mordo and Doctor Strange both arrive in Medieval Times to meet with Sise-Neg who has accumulated even more power during this time jump. Mordo offers to be Sise's disciple while Strange attempts to convince Sise-Neg the danger of the power he seeks.

In this time, Doctor Strange saves Lancelot Du Lac from a dragon, insuring that he survives his role in the history of Camelot. Traveling back further to ancient Gomorrah, Doctor Strange and Baron Mordo witness as the god-like Sise-Neg destroys the ancient city. Traveling back further still to pre-historic times, they witness the arrival of Shuma-Gorath on Earth. Strange convinces Sise-Neg to use his powers to banish Gorath to another dimension.

Finally, traveling back to the beginning of time, Sise achieves his mystical godhood and comes to realize that his goal to create the universe in his own vision was foolish and so allows the universe to be created as it was, and sends Strange and Mordo back to their own time after both are allowed to witness the creation of the universe. Arriving in their own time, Mordo has been driven completely insane by what he had witnessed.

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