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Copper-Age, Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 1, Tom DeFalco/Editor-in-Chief, John Ridgway/Cover Artist, Lovern Kindzierski/Cover Artist, James Hudnall/Writer, John Ridgway/Penciler, John Ridgway/Inker, Lovern Kindzierski/Colourist, Ken Lopez/Letterer, Carl Potts/Editor, Marcus McLaurin/Editor, Rick Mason (Earth-616)/Appearances, Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division (Earth-616)/Appearances, Nicholas Fury (Earth-616)/Appearances, China Force (Earth-616)/Appearances, Dog (China Force) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Monkey (China Force) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Horse (China Force) (Earth-616)/Appearances, Jimon Tang (Earth-616)/Appearances, Black Metal (Earth-616)/Appearances, Carlos McNally (Earth-616)/Appearances, Quota (Earth-616)/Appearances, Julio Mendoza (Earth-616)/Appearances, Colin Smith (Earth-616)/Appearances, Wilson Fisk (Earth-616)/Appearances, Teng Yun-Suan (Earth-616)/Appearances, Phineas Mason (Earth-616)/Appearances, Streetman (Earth-616)/Appearances, Julie Somers (Earth-616)/Appearances, Victoria Maria Consuelo (Earth-616)/Appearances, Central Intelligence Agency (Earth-616)/Appearances, NSC/Appearances, Javier La Brava (Earth-616)/Appearances, Hong Kong/Appearances, Victoria Peak/Appearances, Dragon's Gate Hotel/Appearances, China/Appearances, Costa Brava/Appearances, San Gabriel/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Plaza Hotel/Appearances, Central Park/Appearances, Brazil/Appearances, Cuba/Mentions, Vietnam/Mentions

Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 1 57


Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 1 57

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His name is Rick Mason. He's a freelance intelligence operative — and the son of the Terrible Tinkerer. He always works for the highest bidder, and this time, the biggest spender is Nick Fury. The mission is to topple a government controlled by drug-running super villains.

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