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Appearing in "Hitler's Astrologer"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • The Shadow (Lamont Cranston)

Supporting Characters:

  • Harry Vincent
  • Margo Lane
  • Shrevvy
  • Burbank


  • Nazis
    • Heinrich Himmler
    • Dr. Josef Goebbels
    • Adolf Hitler
    • Rudolph Hess
    • Col. Friedrich Wolff (born Ivan Fedorovich Volko, killed by the Shadow) (Death)
    • Heimlich Baur
    • Cpl. Edward Franz
    • Annie O'Shaugnessey

Other Characters:

  • Gretchen Baur (Friedrich Wolff and Bertha Baur's daughter)
  • Heimlich Baur (Bertha Baur's husband, astrologer)
  • Bertha Baur (Gretchen Baur's mother)
  • Czar Nicholas (Only in flashback)
  • Alexandra Feodorovna (Czar Nicholas' wife) (Only in flashback)
  • Czar Nicholas and Alexandra Feodorovna's children (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Hitler's Astrologer"Edit

Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 1 35 001

  • Jacket design by Cindy Kruhm and Michael Maier.

    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The 1930s pulp magazine and radio hero returns in an all-new adventure! The weed of crime may bear bitter fruit, but what will happen when the ebon-cloaked avenger takes on a murderous band of Nazis? Heh heh. The Shadow knows ...

  • No trivia.

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