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Quote1 Head's Up Handsome -- Cause I'm gonna knock yers off! Quote2
-- Ben Grimm

Appearing in "Cry: Monster!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Cry: Monster!"Edit

The story opens with the Thing destroying one of Mr. Fantastic's inventions, which is revealed to be another attempt at returning the Thing to his human form. Grimm states that he could not stand another failure, and is left alone. He reflects on his origin as Kurrgo reads his thoughts from a space craft in Earth’s orbit. Kurrgo retells his own story, revealing that since being abandoned on Xantha he traveled to the new world of his former servants, where he was warded off by their advanced technology. Kurrgo then traveled to Earth in an attempt to use the planet’s strongest creature to control New Xanth. The Leader blocked his attempt to recruit the Hulk, and the two villains agreed to stage a contest between the Thing and the Hulk, with the winner’s patron gaining the use of both titans.

They trick the Thing into attacking the nearby Hulk, and after the two battle, Kurrgo and the Leader try to transport the Hulk to their ship when it is determined by them that the Hulk would be the victor. Thing hitches along for the ride, and when the two are before both Kurrgo and the Leader, Thing realizes that the whole thing was a trick. The two then attack Kurrgo's robot, knocking it into the ships controls. They manage to escape just before the ship explodes, seemingly destroying Kurrgo and the Leader. Afterwords the Thing and the Hulk part company.

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