"The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood)

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"The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood)
Fuminori Hara

Appearing in "The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Makoto


  • Vampires
    • Vampire High Council
    • Lucius Isaac
    • Saragi
    • Vampire Bat

Other Characters:

  • Razor
  • Agus
  • Yati
  • Verdugos (mentioned)




Synopsis for "The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood)

In the Philippines, Makoto tells Blade that the Verdugos saw Frost's helicopter going south. Razor detects a bat that is a messenger of the High Council. The bat states to Blade that Frost is in Sumatra where he has a silver mine and that the High Council wants him dead. Blade slays the bat messenger as he and Makoto head to Sumatra. The next day, Blade, Makoto, and Razor find a silver mine run by the Existence. Blade and Makoto meet a shaman named Agus who states that if they attack the Existence settlement, the Existence will harm the people of his village, whom the Existence has enslaved. At Agus' house, Blade and Makoto find that Agus' wife Yati was turned into a vampire. Agus states that he has been immersing Yati in a sacred water until he can find a cure for her. Agus stated that he made enough water for the other women that were converted into vampires. Blade states that there has never been a cure for vampires. Blade leaves as Makoto wonders if it will work. Later that night, Blade encounters Lucius Isaac who states that he should focus his aggression towards his real enemy. Blade ends up fighting Issac who states that Agus won't be able to cure him. Makoto joins the fight, and Issac knocks her into a tree before leaving. The next day, Blade tells Makoto that vampires get stronger as they age. Blade starts to wonder if Agus was right about a cure for vampires before he and Makoto leave for the hunt. At Agus' house, Agus finds that Yati is gone. At the silver mine, Blade and Makoto free the slaves as Agus catches up, stating that Yati has gone missing. Agus wants Blade to give him his word not to kill Yati. Blade states that there is no curing people of their vampirism. As night falls, Yati emerges and she constricts Agus. Agus tries to reason with her only for Yati to bite him and Blade to retaliate by slaying her. More vampire women emerge; Makoto and Razor fight them while Blade looks for Frost. As Agus admits that he failed to save his wife, he tells Makoto to lead them to the lake. Blade encounters a vampire named Saragi who states that Frost left for Madripoor five days ago. Saragi assumes a rat-like appearance with the ability to split into many rats. Blade manages to use his Phantom Move to slay Saragi. Agus seals his own fate as he slowly ashes. With the female vampires in the water, Agus activates the water's effects which destroys the vampires and himself. As he dies, Agus tells Makoto to take a sample of the water to bring the "pestilence" to an end. The next day, Makoto carries the water sample as Blade states that they will be going to Madripoor.


Title Original:"The Magic Medicine Man" (Bad Blood) "Mahōi no Otoko" (魔法医の男)


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