"Island Lights" (The Island of Fire)

Information-silk Episode Title
"Island Lights" (The Island of Fire)
Fuminori Hara

Appearing in "Island Lights" (The Island of Fire)

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Makoto
  • Razor


Other Characters:

  • Verdugos (the Guardians of Siquiore Island)
    • Lupit
    • Cimarron
    • Hagibus




  • Speed Boat

Synopsis for "Island Lights" (The Island of Fire)

Arriving on Siquijor Island, Blade tells Makoto that this island would make a good hideout for Deacon Frost. Meanwhile, Frost is visited by Lucius Issac, who states that the High Council has issued a warning against his unauthorized experiments and that he is here to check up on him. Frost claims that the High Council is outdated and that he is currently working on a new vampire breed. He tells Issac that he needs a new blood sample from Blade for the one he has breaks down the other blood samples. Upon arriving at the building, Blade and Makoto are attacked by three Verdugos (the Guardians of Siquiore Island) Lupit, Cimarron, and Hagibus, looking for the Manananggal which has been freed by Deacon Frost. Blade then opens the secret door as Makoto follows them while the three Verdugos look for the Manananggal. Blade and Makoto slay some vampire guards while the Verdugos attack the other vampires. Frost and Issac learn that Blade is in the building and decide that they should leave Blade alive if they are going to obtain a blood sample. Blade finds Frost by his helicopter and fights him as Issac watches. Frost manages to knock him down as he takes some blood samples before fleeing in his helicopter. Just then, the Manananggal attacks as the Verdugos activate a ritual that causes the Manananggal to crash to the ground. The Manananggal knocks down Cimarron as the Manananggal bites him while it kills Hagibus. When the Manananggal tries to attack Lupi, Blade takes the attack as Makoto and the others retreat. The next morning, Hagibus' Danas wants to avenge her brother's death as Lupit learns that Blade is a Daywalker. Blade states that they will need his help to fight the Manananggal. When night falls, the Manananggal arrives and Blade has Makoto be the bait for the Manananggal. Blade emerges and fights the Manananggal alongside the Verdugos as they discover that Cimarron and Hagibus have been turned into Manananggals as well. During a ritual, Lupit slays the Manananggal that used to be Cimarron. As Danas kills the Manananggal that used to be Hagibus, Lupit calls for the spirits that bind the Manananggal as Blade uses his Phantom Move to slay the Manananggal. Issac watches this from afar stating that the High Council will be pleased with the information he learned. The next morning, Blade vows to go after Frost for the misery he caused to the Verdugo Tribe.


Title Original:"Island Lights" (The Island of Fire) "Hikaru Shima" (光る島)


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