"Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now)

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"Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now)
Fuminori Hara

Appearing in "Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now)

Featured Characters:

  • Blade (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Carol
  • Police Constable
  • Captain MacRae
  • Razor




  • Captain MacRae Ship
  • Police Car's

Synopsis for "Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now)

In the Philippines, Blade recalls the time that when he as a child, he was caught by a police officer who caught him standing up for a bullied kid and was supported by Tara Brooks' friend Carol, who stated that Eric has done the right thing. Another flashback has Blade remembering the night his mother was attacked by Deacon Frost. When Carol came home, she found Eric awake and tells him that his mother would be with him in spirit. Later, Eric came across a murder scene and started to show signs of his vampire genes kicking in as he ran away. He later found a policeman dead and Carol's apartment in flames. In the present, Makoto and Razor approach Blade, wondering what is eating him. Blade tells Makoto that the neighborhood they are in runs on fear as they are spied upon by two humans working for the Existence. Later that night, Matthes is informed by her human spies that Blade is in the Philippines and tells Noah that they will give Blade a warm welcome. Matthes then states that her orders were to obtain a blood sample of Blade and then kill him. Following a nightmare, Makoto has a brief moment of tears as Blade knocks on her door. Blade states that Makoto is lucky to have known her father before he turned. Makoto asks Blade about what Noah mentioned about darkness in Blade's soul. In a flashback, Eric went into her apartment and found his mother in vampire form biting Carol. When she tried to have Eric come to her, Eric grabbed a fallen knife and tells the vampire Tara that she is not his mother and slew her. Tara snapped out of it and apologized to Blade before she turned to ash. In the present, Blade states that his mother was the first vampire that he killed and that his Daywalker appearance was a gift from his mother. Blade tells Makoto that she has to be willing to fight the darkness within her. Blade says his goodbyes to Captain MacRae as Makoto accompanies Blade's hunt for vampires. Blade stumbles upon a slave ship. Matthes learns that Blade is attacking the slave ship, and Matthes and her followers assume their Mandurugo forms and fly to the harbor. Makoto and Razor infiltrates Matthes' mansion and manage to free Noah. At the harbor, Blade fights the Mandurugos and slays most of them. Matthes then fights Blade, who then uses his Residual Move attack on Matthes. Before she turns to ashes, Matthes states to Blade that he will never defeat Frost. The next morning, Noah thanks Blade for saving him. Noah tells Blade that he heard Matthes stating in a conversation that Frost has an underground hideout on a remote island. Noah tells Makoto to take Razor and help Blade fight Frost. Somewhere near the shore, Frost learns that Matthes has fallen in battle with Blade and states that it is time for him to come out into the open. He then informs his driver to take him to his base on Siquijor Island.


Title Original:"Childhood Days" (That Was Then, This Is Now) "Shōnen no Jibi" (少年の日々)


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