The Marvanites are a highly advanced race that reached the pinnacle of their advancement eons ago. Their leader King Suzerain decided that they must go across the universe and judge other sentient worlds to see if they were worthy. A trio of Marvanites called the Monitors were sent to carry out this task, and not a single world survived their scrutiny. Countless centuries later they arrived on Earth to deem if it was worthy to continue existence. They were defeated by the heroes Nova and the Thing. The lone survivor of this failed mission was Nygorn, who agreed to return to his homeworld and dissuade his ruler to carry out any further judgements. [1] Unfortunately for Nygorn he never made it home, and instead was a prisoner of the enigmatic Stranger until he was freed by the Overmind. [2] From there he was a member of Skeletron's Starblasters for a time. [3] Nygorn was last seen on Earth during a brief period it was a maximum security prison for alien criminals. [4] The subsequent fate of the Marvanite race is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Psionic abilities allow them to overcome the pull of gravity on their enormous bodies, and even levitate, to project destructive force beams from their eyes, and to teleport themselves. Superhuman speed. Near-indestructibility.


Habitat: Temperate, 72% covered in water
Gravity: 88% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 58% nitrogen, 24% oxygen
Population: 2.5 billion


Type of Government: Theocratic monarchy
Level of Technology: Advanced interstellar ships with warp drive and androids. Though highly advanced, the Marvanites have made little scientific progress for eons.
Cultural Traits: Presumptuous and culturally stagnant.
Representatives: King Suzerain; Monitors: Ingesteev, Kordazt & Nygorn

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