In 1950's New York, Marty Mallen stole a bag from a man at a railroad station. Getting it home, he found the bag contained nothing but a coat. He doscovered that when he put it on, he turned invisible. Marty used the coat to break into an old miser's home and strangle him to death. Then he took the old man's valuables. Doing this to several people, Marty acquired a large chest full of money and jewels.

One day, Marty's landlady and a police officer came to his door. Thinking they were there to arrest him, he used the coat to turn invisible. He wanted to escape from the apartment, but couldn't do it with the heavy chest. However, the police officer wasn't there looking for Marty, but because the landlady was going to gas the building for rats. Marty became trapped him his apartment with the chest, and without the cop or the landlady knowing he was there, died with the rats.


Invisibility: Mallen could become invisible while wearing his magic coat.

Strength level

Normal Human


Magic coat of invisibility.

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