Marty Jenkins was a comic-book writer in a parallel Earth where super-heroes only existed as comic-book characters.

Jenkins wrote a series of comics, Time and Space, where Kang the Conqueror manipulated some super-heroes to obtain power. He was unaware that Kang was a real character who tried to replicate the events in Jenkins's comics, to synchronize both realities and link their destinies forever. Kang would then use the last page in the comic to became master of time.

The heroes, however, eventually reached Jenkins's Earth. Jenkins recognized them and provided them with a HQ. He also explained that his boss, publisher O'Malley, was behaving erratically (because he was mind-controlled by Kang), and allowed the heroes to reach the press, changing the final page of Time and Space #3, and defeating Kang.

Trivia: The real writer of the series Time and Space (which was a trilogy of RPG adventures, not a comic-book) was Ray Winninger.

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