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A successful oil magnate from Texas, "Jack" was also an altruistic adventurer. When he saw the Falcon in distress and hanging from the wing of his airplane, Muldoon lassoed him and pulled him to safety. Later, Jack witnessed the Falcon being teleported to another dimension by Abner Doolittle and the Night People.[1]

Marshall Muldoon collaborated with Captain America and followed him to this strange dimension to rescue the Falcon and Leila Taylor, who had also been kidnapped.[2] The dimension was being overrun by fire-breathing monsters. Captain America and Muldoon were able to slow the monsters enough for everyone to escape to earth.[3][4]

Jack kept up his friendship with Steve Rogers and the Falcon. He also became friends with the newer Captain America, Bucky Barnes, providing him with air transportation for one of his missions.




expert marksman





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