Marshall Mathers dropped out of high school to pursue a career in Hip-Hop. Gaining popluarity in freestyle battles, Mathers was able to escape the streets of Detroit and become one of the most controversial and talented Emcees on the planet taking the name "Eminem". One night after performing at a show, Eminem and his body guards were seemingly ambushed by the Punisher who kills all of Eminem's guards. Eminem is seemingly rescued by Barracuda, a childhood friend of Eminem's, who teams up with Eminem to take the Punisher out. After Eminem knocks Punisher out after luring him into a trap, Barracuda reveals he was hired to kill Eminem by the none other than Parents Music Council. He knocks Eminem out and takes him and Punisher to the arctic to drop them into the water. Barracuda decides to drop Eminem first but it is revealed the Ice isn't thawed enough for him to break the ice. Barracuda then decides to shoot Eminem but is stopped by Punisher who attacks him. Eminem sees a man in the distance who claims to be Eminem's biggest fan and lends Eminem his chainsaw to battle Barracuda who is overpowering the Punisher. Eminem comes on board, killing Barracuda, and drops his body into the frozen arctic water. Punisher then gives Eminem the cell phone that Barracuda had which has government tracking on it so Eminem can call for help to come get him. Punisher then tells Eminem that he needs to pay a visit to The Parents Music Council. Eminem tells Punisher to tell them "Shady sent ya".


Above average human strength, Above average human intelligence


Rapping skills, resourceful, shooting skills


Bullet Proof Vest-Like Punisher Eminem is wearing one when Barracuda shoots him this allows him to survive the gunshots


Limousine- Eminem and his bodyguards are seen getting in a Limousine before they meet The Punisher


Glock Pistol- Eminem carries one on him and uses it to shoot at The Punisher and successfully hits him knocking him out

Chainsaw- Eminem's "Biggest" fan give it to Eminem, He uses it to kill Barracuda

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