Marshal Ito was a member of the Imperial Japanese Army who was active during World War II. In the beginning months of 1944 he led an invasion fleet to Kwangto, China, where Betty Dean was attempting to assist in the evacuation of Chinese orphans. Capturing the refugees, Ito ordered them slaughtered but was stopped by the Sub-Mariner. However, Namor's attack was halted when Ito threatened to shoot Betty Dean.

Taking the couple to a nearby castle, Ito ordered his minion Dr. Soku to subdue Namor with chloroform. Strapping Namor and Betty to a table and was about to put them through a lethal blood transfusion. Namor revived and broke free form his bonds and freed Betty. Attempting to flee, they were opposed by Marshal Ito who threatened to throw a grenade at Namor. Namor simply picked up Ito and tossed him aside, the resulting impact caused the grenade to go off killing Ito.

With Ito and his minions killed, Namor assisted in the evacuation effort.

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