The Plodex species send out egg hatcheries to alien planets as part of their colonization process. On each planet, the hatchery ship scans the dominant life form and imprints their DNA onto the eggs. The ship destined for Earth had a malfunction and crashed. Only two eggs survived. One was Marrina who imprinted upon humanity when a sailor found her egg.

The other egg hatched on its own with no genetic imprinting. The Plodex then sought out other creatures which it dissected and studied. As the egg was not properly incubated and hatched, it lacked intelligence and did not know its true purpose. Residing in one of the Great Lakes, slaying creatures for study, it was eventually found by the Master. The Master planned mating Marrina and the Plodex to build an army with which he could conquer Earth. With help from Puck and Namor, Marrina escaped. The Master and Marrina's mate were seemingly destroyed.

Marrina's mate found its way to the Atlantic Ocean where it sought out Marrina. However, both Alpha Flight and Namor were there to help her destroy the creature.


Marrina's mate was a highly adaptable organism designed for aquatic living. It was capable of dissecting living beings and using their genetic codes to enhance its own structure.


Marrina's mate had limited intelligence, acting only on natural drives.

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