Centuries ago when the French colonized Canada one of the islands in the region known as 1000 Isles was gifted to the le Blanc family by King Louis XVI, however the le Blanc's lost title to the island when England took over Canada in 1763.

Centuries later in 1945, Marquies le Blanc returned to the island and reclaimed his family castle which overlooked a small village that had since been established on he island. Believing that the entire island was his by birthright and seeking to remove the villagers, Marquies had his many Indian servants go into town at night and capture villagers and lock them in the castles dungeon where they would be tortured. The villagers, unaware of this, came to believe the island was haunted and eventually by the summer of 1945 the citizens of the village decided to pack up and leave.

On that same night the Sub-Mariner was swimming by the island and hear the tortured screams of the Marquies most recent kidnap victim. Going to the castle to investigate, Namor briefly tussled with one of the Marquies men until le Blanc stopped the fight and invited Namor to explore his home. When Namor was unable to find anything amiss he went about his way. With the hero gone, le Blanc ordered his men to take the captured girl out of the hidden room upstairs and place her in the dungeon below.

Later, when Namor learned of the mysterious disappearances and the Marquies ancestory from the island shop owner, Namor rushed back to the castle suspecting the truth. Attempting to scale the castle wall he was spotted by le Blanc who sent his men after the hero. Namor was knocked out and sent falling back into the ocean to be left for dead. Le Blanc and his men then went back into the dungeon and began torturing his victims. Namor soon revived and went after the Marquies, slaying his men. Chasing the Marquies up to the roof of his castle, Namor knocked the madman off the side sending him to his death below. With the Marquies dead the villagers then returned to their homes.


The Marquies used a scimitar, and had access to many medieval torture devices such as an Iron Maiden.

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