Marmaduke Jones was a local klutz who was an acquaintance of boy detective Terry Vance and cub reporter Deadline Dawson. In the fall of 1944, Marmaduke accompanied the pair on a bike ride. Wiping out on his bicycle, Marmaduke accidentally uncovered a pipeline. The trio there then shooed away by authorities who were trying to find where the line was being tapped.

Stopping near a beach to set up camp, Marmaduke began pick axing the ground. He then accidentally struck the oil line, which was concealed in the sand, causing an oil leak. Terry then sent Marmaduke and Dr. Watson to get help while he and Deadline attempted to plug the leak. On the beach, Marmaduke came across Nazi sailors who were responsible for the line tapping. Oblivious to their allegiance, Marmaduke almost exposed Terry and Deadline to the Nazis before Dr. Watson knocked him out. The sailors then took Marmaduke hostage while Watson escaped to warn Terry and Deadline.

While Deadline went to get the police, Terry gummed up the pipeline incapacitating the Nazi's U-Boat and soon the authorities arrived and arrested the Nazis, freeing Marmaduke.

Marmaduke's subsequent activities are unknown.


Marmaduke is overweight and out of shape. He is incredibly accident prone.


Marmaduke rides a bike.

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