Nothing is known of Markita's past, save that she was a mutant who auditioned along with her sister Vanessa to become a dancer for Czech mutant and nightclub owner named Viktor. Viktor was in fact a slave-trader who intended to auction the sisters to the highest bidder.

The sisters' memories were erased by Viktor's powers, and they were placed in a holding cell with two other mutants, the American Tanya and the Frenchman Luc, all with their memories erased. Once Vanessa and Markita touched each other, however, their power to merge into one body activated and their memories returned. They were then knocked unconscious by Viktor, who had arrived with a customer who intended to buy Tanya.

Fortunately for the four mutants, the "customer" was actually the shapeshifting mutant spy Mystique, and in the ensuing struggle Viktor was killed and his captives saved.


Upon skin contact with her twin sister, Vanessa, Markita merged with her to become a single gestalt being with two heads and four arms and legs.

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