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Mark Hallett (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 12
Information-silkReal Name Mark Hallett [1]
Information-silkCurrent AliasSunder
Information-silkAffiliationMorlocks; Muir Island X-Men
Information-silkBase Of OperationsMuir Island, Scotland; formerly Mobile
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkHeight7' 1"
Information-silkWeight245 lbs (111 kg)
Information-silkPlace of DeathMuir Island, Scotland
Information-silkCreatorsChris Claremont, Paul Smith
First AppearanceAppearance of Death
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Sunder was a mutant and a member of the Morlocks. He was a close friend and ally of Callisto, the deposed leader of the Morlocks.[2]

After the Mutant Massacre; Muir Island

Sunder was one of the few survivors of the Marauders' Mutant Massacre.[3]

He then relocated to Muir Island. He was seen there enjoying his time with Danny (Legion) and some Warpies children. He was shot by Pretty Boy during the Reavers' attack on the island.[4]


Sunder's mutation granted him various superhuman physical attributes.

Superhuman Strength: Sunder possessed great superhuman strength. At his peak, he was capable of lifting about 70 tons.

Superhuman Stamina: Sunder's superhumanly enhanced musculature was much more efficient than that of a normal human. His muscles produced considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity. At his peak, he could exert himself for up to 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood began to impair him.

Superhuman Durability: Sunder was tougher and much more resistant to physical injury than a normal human. He could withstand great impact forces, falls from great heights, exposure to high temperatures, and small caliber bullets without sustaining injury.


Although he had little formal training, Sunder was a formidable hand to hand combatant. He primarily used street fighting techniques that allowed him to make full use of his strength.

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