Mark Funny, aka the Jokester, was a stand-up comedian who was active in the 1940s. He was quite popular and regularly performed at New York's Club El Rocko. However the club eventually closed and Funny fell on hard times. He was taken in and nursed back to health by Hugh Haller a fellow comedian.

However shortly thereafter, Mark disappeared. He soon resurfaced attempting to revitalize his career by doing private shows at parties and for wealthy clients. Unknown to all at the time, Mark had developed the ability to hypnotize people with his jokes, making them laugh out of control and lose awareness of their environment.

Using this talent, Mark hired a gang of thugs to rob the attendees of Mr. Walsh's party. After his jokes were over, the people realized that they were robbed. Instead of calling the police, Walsh instead called his friend the Human Torch and his partner Sun Girl. The pair questioned everyone at the party and learned that they were all robbed except for Mark. The Torch then became suspicious of him and they followed him back to his apartment.

Returning home, Mark used his hypnotic comedy to enthrall the gang he hired and robbed them as well. Pursued by the the Torch and Sun Girl, Mark jumped out of a window and landed safely in a crash net and fled the scene. While the Torch and Sun Girl began researching Mark's past, Mark then began targeting elderly men who were very wealthy. He then used his hypnotic comedy to make the old men laugh themselves to death and then robbed them blind.

Eventually, the Torch and Sun Girl tracked his pattern and realized that he was going after men who lived in proximity of Hugh Haller. Deducing his next victim, the Torch and Sun Girl came to his rescue, saving him just in time, however Funny managed to escape. While the Torch tended to the elderly man's medical needs, Sun Girl was able to nab Funny just as he was attempting to squeeze through the basement window of Hugh's apartment building.

Mark was apprehended and given the death sentence and was last seen in a prison cell bitterly listening to one of the guards jokes.[1] If Mark was actually executed or not remains to be seen, his ultimate fate is unknown.


Audio Hypnosis: Mark somehow developed the ability to "hypnotize" people with his jokes. Those listening were put in a state of hysterics that also struck them with short term memory loss, making them ideal to be robbed. For those who were particularly weak of heart suffered the risk of laughing to death.


Mark could not act when telling his jokes, often necessitating for third parties to commit his crimes.

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