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Mark Cadmon was a physician living in the lower class area of Chicago in the early 20th century when he was approached by an unknown Pantheon to be one of the Young Gods.[1]

Now known as Caduceus, he along with his fellow teammates were presented to Celestials by the eldest Earth goddess Gaea as an offering to show them humanity's potential.[2]

Cadeceus and the others were taken to be trained in the use of their powers on a distant planet by two aliens, Junipur and Katos.[1]


Healing: Caduceus possesses powers of healing, being able to physically heal any with injuries and also mentally heal any with mental injuries. Caduceus can empower or weaken to a limited degree with his powers. He could also absorb peoples' life energy, knocking them out.


Caduceus is a skilled and experienced physician.

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