A young woman called Marianella Mancha was unfortunate enough to stumble across his remains of Ultron after having been defeated by the West-Coast Avengers. Marianella found the remains scattered in an Los Angeles junkyard. Ultron made a deal with the woman, in return for her help in recovering the parts to build a new body, he would give her that which she could not conceive herself, a child. Marianella was physically unable to have children, and her past as a drug mule prevented her from legally adopting a child.

Ultron using the Marianella Mancha’s DNA, created a cybernetic being infused with human DNA. After a long time the construct's cybernetic parts would grow to be indistinguishable from it's biological ones.

Marianella named her new child Victor and began a life together. Victor began his life as a teenager; Ultron programmed Victor with memories of a happy childhood with his mother Marianella.

A sleeper program was built into him that would cause him to travel to New York on his 21st birthday. Victor powers would activate on his first encounter with a superhuman and would then attack and destroy them.

Victor is a student at East Angeles High School in Los Angeles when he first meets the Runaways. When they try to bring him to their hideout, his electromagnetic powers emerge and he unintentionally begins to fight them off.

The Runaways manage to capture him and his mother, in a panic, calls to his "father" for help. Ultron, still wishing to keep Victor's true origin a secret, sends a Doombot to kidnap Marianella and pose as Victor's father. Victor and the Runaways rush to the rescue and the Doombot is destroyed; Ultron chooses that moment to reveal himself and kills Marianella right in front of Victor.

Ultron then triggers Victor's sleeper-switch so that he will attack the Runaways; however, Gert is able to reason with Victor, reminding him how Ultron killed Victor's mother, and he rejects his programming, defying his "father." Afterward, the Runaways take the now-orphaned Victor back to their hideout to keep him from ending up in the custody of Social Services.

Mancha is spanish for stain, spot or mark.

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