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Maria Castle was the wife of Frank Castle who was killed with her children when they witnessed a gangland execution in New York City's Central Park. This forced Frank to become the Punisher.[1] She and the children appeared many times as ghosts or in Frank's dreams.

Years later the Hood made them appear in Frank's vision to tempt him. Microchip was working with the villain in order to resurrect his son but the price was to kill a government agent, a price that he payed with no hesitation by killing G.W. Bridge. When Frank, Micro and the Hood came to a last stand when Frank's family and Micro's son were resurrected through soul sacrifice. Frank saying they belonged to the dead grabbed a flamethrower and burned them down.

Sometime later Frank fought a woman in black leather suit with burnt skin, who called him "Angel". It appeared that Maria had been kept alive after her resurrection; Frank's attempt at burning her to death seemed to have failed and was working with the Jigsaw Brothers. But it was all a plan to catch Frank as it was revealed that Lady Gorgon was the burnt woman.

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