Donald Blake (Earth-616) Mares

The Mares are not evil beings as someone might think they are. They simply can communicate through dreams and were citizens of the realms in the time before time and they came and went as they pleased. But when they crossed Odin's dreams, he killed some of them and then banished them in a cave. For this, the Mares considered all the other dreamers monsters.[1]

The Mares were freed by accident and they started to send everyone into a state of a wake-dream so they would not be hurt again.[2] They trap Thor in his dreams and he tries his best to defeat them but cannot.[3]

When Jeff Fischer was trapped in the dream, he was asked to imagine a hero to save them. However, Jeff mistakenly imagined The Deconsecrator who somehow inhabited the body of Thor and wanted only complete destruction.[4]

Jeff managed to talk them out of this and they freed everyone from the dreams and helped Thor craft a dream for Dr.Donald Blake.[1]

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Though relatively small, Mares are powerful enough to overcome even Thor with nightmares.

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