Marco Delgado was one of the thousands of mutants who joined the armies of Apocalypse, eventually reaching the rank of Prelate.

When Blink and Sunfire found that Apocalypse was continuing his cullings of humans in Chicago despite signing the Kelly Pact, they were discovered by Delgado. Overpowered by the minion of Apocalypse and with Sunfire injured, Blink was forced to open a portal directly back to the X-Men's headquarters in the ruins of the old Xavier estate. Delgado followed them partway through, however before he could cause any serious damage, Blink closed the portal on him, cleaving him in half.

Delgado's sacrifice allowed Apocalypse's minion Rex to get a partial location on the X-Men's hideout.


Delgado was capable of increasing his size, gaining superhuman strength in the process. His rock-like skin was possibly caused by genetic alteration or by fellow mutants such as Chrome.

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