Moon Knight first appears in the game shortly after Spider-Man deals with the gang situation with Luke Cage. When Spider-Man catches up with Black Cat, Moon Knight initially thinks that he was the one that robbed Wilson Fisk, then he leaves for Spider-Man to continue when the hero explains the situation. Moon Knight re-appears later if Spider-Man declines Black Cat offer. Moon Knight then gives Spidey missions to help him to fight Kingpin's mecha soldiers such as destroying building mounted drills. After an attack by the Kingpin on the courthouse he sends Spidey out to locate one of the base of operations of Fisk. While fighting against mecha soldiers, Spidey and the villains are attacked by insane citizens, Spider-Man defeats them, just before some police officers appears, believing Spidey was attacking defenseless persons, they shoot at him, but the hero escapes. Later, Spector confronts Spider-Man about the situation happened recently, and Parker explains him they where mad. With his trust in Spider-Man regained, Moon Knight gives him info of strange occurrences in Hell's Kitchen. Which Spider-Man believes is Venom, and while searching for him, Wolverine attacks Spider-Man. Later, Spider-Man asks Spector's help to go to Rykers. With the infection started, Spider-Man helps Marc to defend Spector Industries from Vulturoids symbiotes. He is not seen again until assisting Spider-Man aboard the Helicarrier by bringing him to it and keeping the infected at bay with the other heroes. Moon Knight helps Spider-Man depending if the hero tries to not to get influenced by the black costume.


Seemingly those of Marc Spector (Earth-616).


Moon copter


Descent darts

  • In the credits artwork for the game one can see a symbiote infected Moon Knight. Why this version didn't appear in game is unknown.
  • Moon Knight also shares a resemblance to the Assassins from the Assassins Creed franchise. However this is just coincidental .
  • Moon Knight may have been infected although never seen in game by Spider-Man as there were probably a number of heroes in New York at the time of the attack.

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