Mantis joined up with Xen a group of super-heroes that act as guardians of the continent of Asia, led by Lord Sunfire. In addition to this task, they were charged with protecting the body of Stephen Strange, as well as a portion of the Absorbing Man's body that was left in the care of Sunfire's late father. They failed in preventing the Tong of Creel from stealing the parts of Creel (his hands, which Tao used as a weapon).

Later Mantis would accompany the rest of Xen along with Stephen Strange, Thor and Loki to Asgard so that they may free Clea, who had been Odin's prisoner for a number of years. This put them in conflict with the various beings residing in Asgard. Ultimately, the heroes succeeded and were transported back to Earth. There they were faced with the reanimated corpse of Fin Fang Foom, and with team work they ultimately destroyed the beast, although following the battle the relations between Xen and their leader Sunfire became strained at best. The current whereabouts of Mantis remain unrevealed.

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