Much like on Earth-616 the creature known as Mangog of Earth-788 was the combination of a billion, billion souls destroyed by Odin for a past transgression. Seeking revenge against Asgard for this, Mangog sought to bring about Ragnarok by destroying the Odinsword while Odin was in his Odinsleep. All the citizens of Asgard except for Loki would attempt to stop the creature, but to no avail.

In this reality, Jane Foster would be in possession of Mjolnir and be active as the hero known as Thordis. Upon learning of the plot she, Sif and Donald Blake would be the last line of defense between Mangog and the Odinsword. Thordis would cause a giant storm to awaken Odin, who would use his power to release the billion beings that comprised of Mangog ending his threat.

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