Manfred was the manager of a tenement building in Mutant Town located on McCarthy Avenue.[2]

Among his tenants were the Falcone Family, whose the family father, Arturo had the power to hatch creatures with a form influenced by his state of mind. As he was unemployed and alcoholic, his hatches were gruesome and those creatures were "vermins", causing the neighborhood to protest against Manfred for letting the Falcones live there.[2]

As the protest was seen by NYPD agent Izzy Ortega and his partner Bishop, they went to take information on the subject, but after a talk with the Mrs. Falcone, the pair denied any action to Manfred against the family, as this wasn't a police subject, and told him to contact municipal services.[2]

His post-M-Day status is unknown.


Seemingly no powers, small horns on the forehead.

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  1. It is assumed that he has same last name that his House of M counterpart
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