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There were five Mandroids built directly under Tony Stark's supervision. When Stark International was taken over by Stane International Mandroid models were put into mass production. After the Armor Wars subsequent Mandroid models had to be streamlined and removed Stark technology.

A Super-Mandroid variant was developed. Under orders from Glenn Talbot, this model became the "Hulkbuster" and was used in battle with Bruce Banner (Earth-616).

A number of Mandroid models have fallen into enemy hands. Justin Hammer used a number of them to protect his Villa.[1] Moses Magnum and Ares' Warhawks made significant use of them.

The Mandroid X is the most recent known model in active service. The CSA and Damage Control maintain variants that have yet to be classified. Several models are maintained by the NYPD. At least one has been modified with Spider-Slayer technology. Oyama Heavy Industries was also commissioned to make a sleeker model that emerges from a special collar.

All known Mandroids have flight capability. In addition to their armor plating and life support, they can generate a powerful forcefield. Hulkbuster variations have additional armor and other upgrades.

A power claw can be used for gripping and attacking.

The other arm's blaster can emit various energies such as a laser torch, neuro-stunner, magnetic "punch-blasters", a tractor beam, or electrostatic charge.

The Mandroid X is able to cloak itself for brief periods. [2]


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