The Mandarin was a conqueror in China, having enslaved a quarter of the country, thanks to one of its rings, which kept the people under their control, when Iron Man meet him, being one of the first supervillains who fought. Sometime later, when Iron Man already an Avenger, The Mandarin attacked New York with the help of Fin Fang Foom (using the same method he used in China).

When Tony discovered his plan, Black Panther managed to hold the Mandarin, making the energy transmitted through the rings go directly to the Iron Man's armor, immobilizing him, while the Wasp could take the ring that controlled the dragon. When Fin Fang Foom regained control over himself, attacked the Mandarin for his transgression, as the two disappeared.[1]


Same as Mandarin (Earth-616)


Mandarin's Rings

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