A mysterious figure that inhabited the forest outside a small town in Eastern Europe, the Man in Black warned the townspeople that misfortune would befall them if anyone entered the forest. One day, an American millionaire named Darius Zorn bought the forest for himself. Despite warnings from the farmers of the town, Zorn ignored the Man in Blacks warnings, and moved into an empty house in the forest. The Man in Black visited Zorn and personally told him of the pending hardships should he stay in the forest. Zorn, caring only about himself, brushed off the warnings and refused to leave.

Man in Black (Earth-616) 0001

The "Man in Black" in his human disguise

The next day, all of the town's crops died off, which the farmers attributed to the Man in Blacks warnings. Still unmoved, Darius Zorn refused to leave the forest. That night, The Man in Black again visited Zorn, and knocked him unconscious. The Man in Black then transported Zorn back to his home dimension, and revealed himself to be a small creature covered in yellow fur and red skin. The creature explained that the forest was a trap, designed to find the one human on Earth no one else would miss. Confident Zorn was that person, the creature entered Zorn into his dimension's zoo, as the newest human specimen.[1]

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