Located in Florida, it is the dwelling place of Man-Thing.[1]

Alternate Realities


In Earth-9047, Man-Thank and his alligator pet[2] inhabit a swamp where he is visited by an array of people, most of whom do not even notice the mostly-motionless Man-Thank unless he decides to be noticed.[3] The Man-Thank sometimes leaves the swamp and visits other locations.[4]


Man-Thing's Swamp (Earth-58460)

Man-Thing's Swamp

In Earth-58460, Man-Thing's Swamp is in Bywater, New Orleans, not in Everglades, Florida. It is a sacred Seminola land including an area traditionally known as the Nexus of All Realities, and the guardian spirit known as Man-Thing tries to protect the area against defilers. When oil-drilling entrepreneur Frederic Schist murdered Indian chieftain Theodore Sallis to steal the tribal land and then buried Sallis in the sacred land, Sallis returned as the swamp-dwelling monster Man-Thing and murdered several of Schist's allies until he reached Schist himself. He finally murdered Schist and buried himself again in the swamp.[5]



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