After his wife threatened to expose him as a mutant, Malcolm Reeves ordered his friend Perot to attempt to take her mutant powers away, hoping it would calm her down. The procedure went wrong, as always, and she died instead.[citation needed]

Getting a call from his daughter, Malon, Malcolm was deeply angered that someone would dare attempt to kidnap his daughter. Malcolm called Charles and ask him to explain what was going on, Xavier broking it to him that it was probably the mutant terrorist sect, The Brotherhood who was involved.[citation needed]

After his men were killed and his daughter was kidnapped, Malcolm met with the one man who could help him, Marshal. Marshal attacked and captured Brotherhood members Bela and Fiona, then dropped Bela's severed hand on Malcolm's desk, telling him that he was finally ready to talk.[citation needed]

Sent a tape by Malon, Malcolm watched her and Bryson strike at his businesses and satellites. Marshal, who was there with him, asked Malcolm what was his deep, dark secret, but Malcolm assured him he had no secrets. Thinking there was no other way out of the situation, Malcolm ordered a military strike on the Brotherhood's London hideout, hoping they would murder Malon as well, she escaped.[citation needed]

Later, Malon and Bryson Bale showed up at Malcolm's office. Malcolm acted relieved that she was alive, but when confronted by the fact that he was a mutant, he lashed out Malon, transforming into a flaming skeleton form. Bryson jumped to his lover's defense, and Malcolm brawled with him until they fell through a window, crashing to the ground.[citation needed]


Malcolm Reeves (Earth-616) from Brotherhood Vol 1 6

Malcolm's mutant form.

Malcolm Reeves could transform into something of a flaming skeleton. Despite the fact that he was a powerful mutant, he hated his own kind and lived in total fear of being outed as one.

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