Quote1 Stop treating me like an annoying little brother, okay? I've got skills and you goddamn need me. So, you're gonna start trusting me, and teaching me, and giving me 25% of every case that walks through that door. Quote2
-- Malcolm Ducasse src

Malcolm Ducasse was a rising social worker who was manipulated into becoming a pawn of Kilgrave against Jessica Jones. Kilgrave compelled Malcolm into becoming a drug addict in order to control him even after the power of his voice wore off. At Kilgrave's direction, Malcolm moved in down the hall from Alias Investigations and began regularly recording and photographing Jessica for Kilgrave's amusement. Malcolm met with Kilgrave every day to get more drugs and turn over his photos.

Jessica eventually discovered Malcolm's background and the fact that Kilgrave was manipulating him. She helped Malcolm get clean and away from Kilgrave's influence. Malcolm became a leading figure in the Kilgrave Survivors Group.

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