Malcolm Codsworth was engaged to Amy Brewer. After the wedding rehearsal, Amy ate roast duck and died from food poisoning. She was buried several days later. A few weeks after her death, it was revealed that, while her body may have died, her mind lived on, its mutant powers activated by the biological change of death.

She kidnapped Malcolm and several of the other residents of Poughkeepsie so that the two could finally marry; however, Malcolm didn't find the idea of marrying someone who was dead very appealing. Malcolm believed that he had been saved when X-Factor and Alpha Flight arrived, but their unwillingness to abide by Amy's plans only made her angrier. She ordered the dead bodies of the cemetery to kill the two teams.

Luckily Aurora was able to convince Malcolm that love is eternal and that he should do what his heart tells him. Malcolm realized that he still loved Amy and the two were wed, but Amy, her rage now dissipated, lost her powers and finally died in her husband's arms.[1]

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